ARTEMIS European Technology Platform

ARTEMIS is the European Technology Platform (ETP) on Embedded Intelligence recognized by the European Commission. The ARTEMIS ETP  is an industry-led stakeholder forum as key actor in driving research and innovation, community building, knowledge transfer and European competitiveness.

The ARTEMIS ETP develops the strategic research and innovation agenda with roadmaps for action at EU and national level to be supported by both private and public funding. ARTEMIS mobilizes its stakeholders to deliver on agreed research priorities and align priorities and  information across the EU. Developing  this strategy and mobilizing stakeholders is a key task  of the ARTEMIS European Technology Platform

ARTEMIS Industry Association implements  the activities of the ARTEMIS European Technology Platform and focusses on creating an innovation environment for the industries active in  R&D on Embedded Intelligence. 

ARTEMIS Innovation Environment: in-depth support for our industry.

ARTEMIS Innovation Environment

ARTEMIS Industry Association believes that there are no sharp delineations between technologies, and that such technologies should not be considered in splendid isolation. Especially from the combinations of technologies new innovative businesses will emerge that unlock new opportunities for value creation in many industrial  sectors.  ARTEMIS Industry Association implements the ARTEMIS ETP SRA and its vision and mission focused on Embedded Intelligence among others by setting up the ARTEMIS Working Groups, the ARTEMIS CoIE and Tool Platform recognition Labels, Community building events and other cooperation activities.

ARTEMIS created an Innovation Environment to serve the Industry and specifically the members of the Industry Association, to provide them with an excellent network for fostering innovation  the exchange of technology ideas, cross-domain fertilisation, as well as for large innovation initiatives and standardisation.

COIE’S, Tool Platforms & AIPP’s are activities promoted by the ARTEMIS Industry Association to assure cooperation and community building within a group of multi-country, multi-organisation, interconnected R&D actors and businesses that, by efficient planning, acting and cooperation, achieve a significant advantage in innovation success in a specific market. Significant and successful CoIE’s and Tool Platforms (RTP’s) in the domain of Embedded Intelligence are granted the ARTEMIS label.





Tool Platform


Project Support

ARTEMIS ETP is responsible to encourage industry participation in Horizon 2020. To do so ARTEMIS Industry association executes several activities to serve the industry:

  • encouraging industry participation in Horizon 2020, the EU’s framework programme for research and innovation, and cooperating with networks in Member States;
  • fostering networking opportunities with other ETPs and other partners along the value chain to address cross-sectoral challenges and promote the move towards more open models of innovation;
  • identifying opportunities for international cooperation;
  • acting as one of the channels of external advice for the programming and implementation of Horizon 2020; notably, ETPs have been a key driving force behind the launch of high profile public-private partnerships under the programme.
  • Project support, such as CP-SETIS: A H2020 project Supporting IOS Standardisation 





Business Impact

In recent years ARTEMIS Industry Association supported their members in the ARTEMIS JU programme, which has provided the framework for the biggest R&D programmes on software-based systems in Europe, stimulating significant new developments in nearly all domains relevant to society. Hundreds of millions of euros’ worth of effort has been invested by partners from national R&D budgets, from European sources, and especially from industry and its partners in the research community. This concerted effort is geared towards achieving clear progress in the domains considered to be critical for the competitiveness of European industry and for society as a whole.

As of 2015, ARTEMS-IA supports their members via ECSEL-JU, H2020 and IoT related calls, to stimulate co-creation and cooperation via network events for the industry and to consequently enable industry to evolve their projects into high-tech solutions, for example, in their manufacturing process, products and/ or services.