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Smart Industry: impact of software innovation

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What, how and when
On 10 & 11 March 2015, the seventh edition of the annual Co-summit took place in the heart of Berlin, at the bcc - Berlin Congress Center. There was a record-breaking number of participants at the event! The event involved international keynote speakers, a high level panel discussion on Smart Industry and an inspiring project exhibition including speakers corners fuelled by the project teams themselves.

The Co-summit was jointly organised by ARTEMIS Industry Association, the association for actors in Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems within Europe, and by ITEA, the EUREKA Cluster on Software-intensive Systems & Services. The ARTEMIS-JU projects exhibition is supported by ECSEL-JU.

Smart Industry: impact of software innovation
This year's theme was 'Smart Industry: impact of software innovation'. The fourth industrial revolution is already on its way. This revolution is driven by giant leaps in software innovation and promises to radically alter the face of industry in the coming decades. Automated production systems using advanced robotics increasingly communicate with each other on detailed aspects of production, connecting previously fragmented manufacturing processes. This offers great opportunities to capitalise on software and advanced technology across entire development and production processes. Ground breaking steps have been made by Germany with the Industry 4.0 programme and other initiatives in Europe have soon followed. At the 2015 Co-summit you could witness the impact of software innovation at the heart of where it all started!

An innovation-packed exhibition
During the entire Co-summit, visitors were able to roam around the project exhibition of around 75 European leading R&D&I projects and witness the impact of software innovation. There were exciting stories and state-of-the-art live demos!

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