Exhibition award 2015

Co-summit, 10-11 March 2015, Berlin

The Co-summit includes an ARTEMIS and an ITEA exhibition, enabling project teams to show their goals, achievements and results using posters and demonstrations on their own stands.

Most understandable

The Exhibition award 2015 went to the project team that communicated the ambition and goals, and – if already possible – achievements and results of its project in the most understandable and vivid way at the 2015 exhibition.

Only ARTEMIS and ITEA projects were eligible for the Exhibition award 2015. Projects were voted for by visitors, who evaluated the projects taking into account:

The Exhibition award ceremony took place during the closing session on Wednesday 11 March. There was an ARTEMIS Exhibition award and an ITEA Exhibition award. 

This year the R5-COP project won the ARTEMIS Exhibition award. The BaaS project won the ITEA Exhibition Award.