Relevant Calls for projects in the area of Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems

ARTEMIS was founded as European Technology Platform (ARTEMIS ETP) in 2004, and in 2007 the ARTEMIS Industry Association was established to represent the industry in R&I and to execute the activities that need to be executed as an ARTEMIS ETP to create the Pan-European Strategic Research Agenda.

Following the strong Pan-European focus of the ARTEMIS ETP, the ARTEMIS Industry Association has been building links to other organisations active in domains with a clear relation to Embedded Intelligent Systems. The most prominent cooperation has been established with ITEA, expressed by the recurring Co-summit event and the strategic document ‘High Level Vision 2030’. The ARTEMIS-IA focus for upcoming years is to further reach out to other communities that face Embedded Intelligence related challenges, with the purpose to create an even larger network for the ARTEMIS-IA members and strengthen the European R&I community of Embedded Intelligent Systems.

In this scope, ARTEMIS-IA will continue to cooperate with several H2020 Projects, ETPs and PPPs for which Embedded Intelligent Systems are crucial enabling technologies to realize their research targets. Information about related calls for project ideas in the area of Embedded Intelligent Systems can be found below.

All H2020 Calls & Work Programme 2016/2017

Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020) – in addition to the private investment that this money will attract. It promises more breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to the market.


  • Call: CPSE Labs
  • New Call opens: not yet known
  • Last Call deadline: 22-6-2016




Call information
The two-year work programme for Societal Challenge 1 - Health, demographic change and wellbeing (2016-2017) was published on 14 October 2015 and contains funding opportunities for health & wellbeing projects. It takes the political priorities for now and the future of the European Union into account. The total Call budget is €658M.

Last Call result

Submission to the following Calls closed on 16-2-2016 and resulted in:
  • SC1-PM-18-2016 Big Data supporting Public Health policies: 49 submissions
  • DS-03-2016 Increasing digital security of health related data on a systemic level: unknown


  • Calls: ECSEL Calls 2018
  • Calls open: 21-02-2018
  • Calls deadline: 26-04-2018 (PO) / 20-09-2018 (FPP)

Factories of the Future

Future Emerging Technologies


Green Vehicles

Call result
On 1 February 2017, a total of 58 proposals were submitted:

  • GV-01-2017 - 4 proposals
  • GV-04-2017 - 14 proposals
  • GV-05-2017 - 4 proposals
  • GV-06-2017 - 5 proposals
  • GV-07-2017 - 8 proposals
  • GV-08-2017 - 3 proposals
  • GV-09-2017 - 2 proposals
  • GV-10-2017 - 10 proposals
  • GV-13-2017 - 8 proposals

Call information
The European Green Vehicles Initiative (EGVI) represents an essential component of road transport research and innovation. It includes research, technological developments, innovation and demonstration in support of improvements in energy efficiency of road transport vehicles and the use of new types of non-conventional energies in road transport such as electricity, CNG and LNG, renewable and tailored fuels. All this is also aimed at achieving a positive impact on health issues due to polluting and noise emissions, particularly in urban environments.

Internet of Things


  • Call: ITEA 3 Call 4
  • Call opens: 12-9-2017
  • Call deadline: 2-11-2017 / 14-2-2018 (2-stage)



Smart & Sustainable Cities

Smart Anything Everywhere

Smart Energy