ECSEL Joint Undertaking

Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership

The ECSEL-JU programme started with the merge of the previous ARTEMIS-JU and the ENIAC-JU in June 2014 and will finish in 2024. Three industry associations (including ARTEMIS Industry Association) represent actors from the areas of Micro-/Nanoelectronics, Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems and Smart Systems. The ECSEL-JU programme features innovation and competitive projects in several key application areas and crucial key enabling technology areas (essential capabilities).

Strategic decisions are made by the ECSEL Joint Undertaking Governing Board, comprising private members (ARTEMIS Industry Association, AENEAS and EPoSS), participating states and the European Commission. R&I funding decisions are based on independent expert evaluation and synergies with national priorities, and are made by the Public Authorities Board, comprising representatives of the participating states and associated countries and the European Commission.


Duration of the programme:
7-year R&I programme (2014-2020)
Smart Mobility, Smart Society, Smart Energy, Smart Health, Smart Manufacturing
Estimated budget:
€4.815 billion
€1.215 billion from the EU, €1.2 billion from participating member states and associated countries, and at least half of the total costs of around €2.4 billion from industrial partners
Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems
European industry, SMEs, research centres and universities
Calls for proposals:
Call 2014-1 and 2014-2
Call 2015-1 and 2015-2
Rules for participation: