Team up with a powerful network

Teaming up with ARTEMIS Industry Association is teaming up with a powerful network of over 200 members that are active in Embedded Intelligence Research & Innovation from all over Europe. All members are listed in the members list.

Each Chamber appoints their own Chair and organises Chamber meetings, in which specific topics can be discussed. Members also have the possibility to participate in ARTEMIS Working Groups. Twice a year, a General Assembly meeting is organised for the ARTEMIS Industry Association members. Usually these meeting take place in combination or back-to-back with a large event for the Embedded Intelligence Research & Innovation Community. As member you can join the ARTEMIS Industry Association meetings and events free of charge and use these opportunities to network, do business, create and innovate.

ARTEMIS Industry Association members pay a fixed Membership Fee, as well as a Variable Fee for the projects they participate in.

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How to apply for membership?

Please note that ARTEMIS Industry association has changed its name to Inside Industry Association as of 2021 July 6.
Website and email address to be changed in the fall of 2021. If you wish to apply for membership now, please read the documents below and send an email to

Becoming a member of Inside Industry Association makes you part of the Inside Community. Enjoy all benefits of an Inside membership; just follow the following steps:

Step 2 -Send an email

Teaming up with ARTEMIS Industry Association is teaming up with a powerful network of over 200 members
from all over Europe that are active in Embedded Intelligence Research & Innovation

Membership Benefits


  • Receive first-hand information on the latest directions and decisions of the European Commission and ECSEL, including support in the ECSEL-JU Calls for projects.
  • 'Shape the future’, by co-defining the general Embedded Intelligence R&I strategy for Europe.
  • Have your interests presented to the European Commission and participating states, and help grow the awareness for the relevance of R&I in Embedded Intelligence for the European industry.


  • Benefit from an efficient dissemination, refinement and implementation of project activities.
  • Be part of an efficient and successful network of experts & excellent meeting place for forming consortia for R&I projects or large-scale clusters.
  • Accelerate the creation of supply chains for new technology and market opportunities.
  • Meet peers and key players in the context of European research.


  • Receive the ARTEMIS Industry Association Magazine & electronic newsletter.
  • Access the ARTEMIS web portal and fully participate in the ARTEMIS information flow.
  • Support standardisation (of reference architectures and development tool-chains).
  • Participate in special expert workshops, conferences and meetings, such as the ARTEMIS Brokerage Event and General Assembly meetings.