Embedded Intelligent
Systems are the neural
system of society

Cross domain technologies for positive
changes in more than one research area

Commissioner Gabriel

Future of Digitisation of EU

"Our membership of the ARTEMIS IA is a privileged way to interact
with both major industrial players as well as very dynamic SMEs."

Koen Bertels
Delft University of Technology

Team up with a powerful network

Powered by the new era of this Digital Transformation, ARTEMIS will continue to support a vision where Europe remains
among the world-class leaders in the area of Embedded Intelligence.

"ARTEMIS has helped us identifying the research roadmap to create new or evolved products
and services which will succeed in Tomorrow's manufacturing industry
and specially in the machine tool Market.”

Gorka Unamuno

ARTEMIS Industry Association strives for a leading position of Europe in Embedded Intelligence


Associations sign MoU

At EFECS 2018, the Industry Associations AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to reinforce their existing cooperation. By acting together as much as possible while retaining their independence, the three associations aim to play an even more prominent role in supporting the ECS Community.

Happy Holidays

The ARTEMIS Team wishes you all happiness and prosperity in 2019! In case you would like to reach us, please note that our office is closed from 24 December 2018 to 1 January 2019.

ECS Common Brokerage Event 2019

On 15-16 January the associations organise the common ECS Brokerage Event 2019 in Brussels. This event facilitates the ECS communities and collects all project proposals and experts together, making it easier for the ECS research community to find and create information and project proposals. 

ARTEMIS Technology Conference 2019

On 16-17 April 2019 ARTEMIS organises the ARTEMIS Technology Conference in Amsterdam. This is a 1,5 day event - Focus on deep technological presentations, both on project achievements and state-of-the-art technology related to Embedded Intelligent Systems within Europe.

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