Embedded Intelligent
Systems are the neural
system of society

Cross domain technologies for positive
changes in more than one research area

ARTEMIS Strategic
Research Agenda 2016

The digital evolution is a silent revolution that is transforming
our way of living and of doing business.

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"Our membership of the ARTEMIS IA is a privileged way to interact
with both major industrial players as well as very dynamic SMEs."

Koen Bertels
Delft University of Technology


Team up with a powerful network

Powered by the new era of this Digital Transformation, ARTEMIS will continue to support a vision where Europe remains
among the world-class leaders in the area of Embedded Intelligence.

"ARTEMIS has helped us identifying the research roadmap to create new or evolved products
and services which will succeed in Tomorrow's manufacturing industry
and specially in the machine tool Market.”

Gorka Unamuno

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ARTEMIS Industry Association strives for a leading position of Europe in Embedded Intelligence


CP-SETIS research agenda

On 10 May 2017 the CP-SETIS project released the Strategic Research Agenda on Standardisation for Cyber-physical Systems. This document is the final deliverable of the CP-SETIS project which includes the work done in the support actions ProSE and CP-SETIS. The full document can be downloaded from our Publications webpage

ECSEL Symposium 2017

Global stakeholders in the Electronic Components and Systems field, from Industry, Research and Financial Communities as well as European, National and Regional decision makers and international partners, will get together in Malta on the 13th and 14th of June 2017 for the first ECSEL Symposium.

Digital Innovation Forum 2017

The Digital Innovation Forum (DIF) 2017 in Amsterdam welcomed almost 450 persons from the global software innovation community. Many thanks to all contributors for making the event such a success! Be sure to take a look at the event website, where the presentations held at DIF are published.


The Multi Annual Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (MASRIA) 2017 - prepared by the ECSEL PMB, representing AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS - can be downloaded here and via the websites of AENEAS and EPoSS. It describes the strategic R&I activities to be undertaken through the ECSEL-Calls of coming years.


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