Teaming up with ARTEMIS Industry Association is teaming up
with a powerful network of around 200 members that are active

in Embedded Intelligence Research & Innovation from all over Europe.

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Embedded Intelligent
Systems are the neural
system of society

Cross domain technologies for positive
changes in more than one research area

"Our membership of the ARTEMIS IA is a privileged way to interact
with both major industrial players as well as very dynamic SMEs."

Koen Bertels
Delft University of Technology

"ARTEMIS has helped us identifying the research roadmap to create new or evolved products
and services which will succeed in Tomorrow's manufacturing industry
and specially in the machine tool Market.”

Gorka Unamuno

ARTEMIS Industry Association strives for a leading position of Europe in Embedded Intelligence


New edition of ARTEMIS Magazine

In this Magazine you will find an impression of the ARTEMIS Technology Conference (ATC) and summaries of the presentations given by prof. Martin Törngren on “A new Era for CPS". Klaus Beetz talks about “Digitalisation, Flexibility and Industry 4.0”, Reiner John about “Autodrive, and Jeroen Voeten created an interesting read on “Digital Twinning”. 

Trend & Challenge Report

On 22 March, ARTEMIS released the results of a study into the economic and technical outlook for Embedded Intelligence. The report analyses the Europe’s ECS value chain through a global lens. In doing so, it identifies areas in which further R&D investments will be vital in consolidating Europe’s lead or in catching up with other international powerhouses.

ECS Common Brokerage Event 2020

On 14-15 January 2020 the associations will organise the common ECS Brokerage Event again in Brussels. In 2019 the event brought over 400 members of the community together to share ideas and find collaborations. Registration for 2020 will open soon. Curious about the event? Check last years pictures on the website. 

ARTEMIS Technology Conference 2019

ARTEMIS Industry Association, along with its research and industrial partners representing key European research & innovation stakeholders, have published a Joint Statement for an Ambitious Horizon Europe Programme. We call on the Council of the EU to raise the budget allocated to the Horizon Europe programme to at least €120 billion.

The six technologies that create Embedded Intelligence

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