• Published on 27 Jun 2017
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ARTEMIS-IA at IoT Week 2017

Big Data, CPS, and IoT: Enabling the Digital Transformation of European Industry
ARTEMIS Industry Association joined for the second year in a row, the International IoT Week. This time it took place in Geneva, 6-9 from 2017. Over 200 sessions and activities gave to access to the latest developments in the Internet of Things (IoT) domains: emerging technologies, security and privacy, sustainable development, industry and market evolution.

During this event, information of the ARTEMIS-IA activities were presented in a booth and during a workshop together with BDVA. The workshop ‘’Big Data, CPS, and IoT: Enabling the Digital Transformation of European Industry’’ was set up by Ana García Robles (BDVA Secretary General) to jointly explore the challenges and opportunities of the technological integration for the Digital Transformation of Industry. Participating in the Workshop: Ad ten Berg (ARTEMIS Industry Association), Thomas Hahn (Siemens AG), Teresa Macchia (Digital Catapult), Karel Charvat (HSRS / DataBio project) and Sergio Gusmeroli (Polimi).

The workshop showed various examples of projects in different verticals, either at European or National/Regional level and presenting upcoming strategies, achievements and challenges in this integration from both the technical and non-technical perspective. At the end, a summary of the main challenges in this technological integration was concluded by Ana García Robles with the goal to start setting a clearer path for next year’s calls in H2020 LEIT ICT programme, where integration of these technologies for Digital Transformation of Industry will be one of the main focus areas.