• Published on 03 Jan 2017
  • About ARTEMIS

ARTEMIS-IA celebrates 10 year anniversary

In 2017, ARTEMIS-IA will celebrate its 10th anniversary. In ten years time, ARTEMIS-IA turned into a 170 + members organisation, representing R&I experts in Embedded Intelligent Systems from all over Europe.

Past 10 years

After 10 years, ARTEMIS-IA is still going strong! We continuously support industry and together with our members we have generated business impact and high quality project results. ARTEMIS-IA helped at least 770 partners to form consortia via networking events and Brokerages. This resulted in 56 ARTEMIS projects during the 6 ARTEMIS Calls. Nowadays, ARTEMIS-IA is still key in organising networking events and creating networking possibilities for the community, which results in projects in ECSEL as well as H2020 calls.

Upcoming 10 Years – Collaboration to realise an even stronger Europe!

ARTEMIS-IA strives for a leading position of Europe in Embedded Intelligence and believes this can be achieved by removing delineations between technologies and application areas by collaborating and networking with other industry, ETPs, associations and initiatives. Together we have more impact!

ARTEMIS-IA – 10 Year Anniversary Book

In 2017, we will gather as many Business Impact Stories as we can, and collect them in a new book: ‘ARTEMIS-IA – 10 Year Anniversary’. ARTEMIS-IA kindly invites you to send in your Business Impact Stories. Impact can be seen in many things. Think of how project results boosted your business, how a networking event of ARTEMIS-IA contributed to a good collaboration with another organisation or how we contributed to the growth of your company. We are looking for YOUR story about ARTEMIS-IA, whatever the story may be. Please send in your Business Impact Story to