• Published on 16 Mar 2017
  • Events

ARTEMIS-IA exhibition at DIF2017

This year the ARTEMIS-IA focus for the DIF2017 exhibition is much wider than the dissemination of the ARTEMIS and ECSEL projects, by adding two new sections to this exhibition. First, additional value for visitors and participants is created by the presence of a variety of Horizon 2020 ICT projects related to Digital Transformation. Second, quite a number of industry- and H2020 related associations connected to the theme of Digital Transformation will present themselves at the exhibition. Both new sections will enhance the experience and knowledge-sharing, by bringing a fresh point of view on common innovation challenges and new views on creative ideas for solutions.

In more detail, the industry and H2020 related associations, such as the ECSEL partners AENEAS and EPoSS, but also AIOTI, BDVA, EFFRA, HiPEAC and NESSI, will present information on their activities and Roadmaps. A third new highlight of the exhibition is the theme-square on Mobility, led by AVL. This theme-square will showcase the R&D expertise on Mobility developed in several projects in which AVL is playing a significant role.