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  • Published on 06 Sep 2016
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ARTEMIS-IA members pay a reduced fee

ARTEMIS-IA recently, by decision of its General Assembly on April 13, 2016, reduced the yearly membership fee with 50%, leading to an amount of 500 € for SMEs, universities and research institutes, while large companies pay 5000 € instead of 10.000 €.

By agreement between AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS, each association charges the same percentage on funding for ECSEL project partners that signed a Declaration of Acceptance (DoA). This agreed DoA percentage is 0.1% higher than the highest association tariff for members. In 2016 the DoA tariff is 3.0% on the funding.

By decision of its General Assembly, ARTEMIS-IA charges its members participating in ECSEL projects in 2016: 2.4%.
So when you decide to become a member of ARTEMIS-IA (and pay the yearly membership fee) you will pay 2.4% instead of 3.0% on the funding received in ECSEL projects. Next to this advantage, as member of ARTEMIS-IA, you are also entitled to visit events organised by ARTEMIS-IA for free or for a reduced entry fee. On a yearly basis, ARTEMIS-IA organises four events for its members, including a Brokerage event to break the ground for new project proposals  in the upcoming ECSEL and H2020 calls for projects.

The members of ARTEMIS-IA encourage your organisation to also join the association, to make the bundled voice of its members heard even more strongly. Enjoy all the benefits of an ARTEMIS-IA membership and sign up through our digital application form via