• Published on 06 Mar 2018
  • About ARTEMIS

ARTEMIS-IA project partner of HiPEAC 5

ARTEMIS-IA became member of the HiPEAC network in 2016, because the HiPEAC focus on High Performace Computing and Embedded Systems is very close to the Strategic Research Agenda of ARTEMIS-IA and HiPEAC developed a vibrant community over the years of which the interests overlap with the ARTEMIS-IA community.

With the start of HiPEAC 5, ARTEMIS-IA also became a project partner of HiPEAC 5. HiPEAC 5 has a focus to strengthen the links with industry, and ARTEMIS-IA is strongly committed to contribute to this aim, as HiPEAC has developed various activities in their network that are also of interest to industry. One example of such activity is the HiPEAC job market that is specialized in jobs in HPC and Embedded computing.

You may expect more shared activities of HiPEAC 5 and ARTEMIS-IA in the coming period. As a start and to introduce HiPEAC to the ARTEMIS-IA community, its coordinator, Koen De Bosschere from Ghent University, explained the activities  of the HiPEAC network at the ARTEMIS Brokerage Event in February 2018 in Berlin. We will keep you posted!

You can read more about HiPEAC 5 here.