Heinrich Daembkes
  • Published on 17 Jan 2013
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Eindhoven 10 January 2013 – Professor Heinrich Daembkes, Vice President in Engineering, EADS Germany has been elected as new president of ARTEMIS Industry Association. Prof. Daembkes has been a major driver for the more efficient development of high quality and safe embedded software in a range of sectors – from aerospace to cars. He is fascinated by the impact, the potential, and the challenges ahead in embedded software and cyber physical systems. He considers them as essential elements to solve the key societal challenges.   ARTEMIS will be in the driver-seat of R&D to improve European competitiveness.

The Steering Board of ARTEMISIA Association has elected Prof. Heinrich Daembkes as the successor of Dr. Klaus Grimm who had announced his intention to step down because of his retirement. Prof. Daembkes started his career at the University of Duisburg, Germany, working on Semiconductor Technologies and Techniques – followed by various positions at Daimler research Germany, started under AEG Research. His first position with EADS was in 1996 - as President and CEO / PDG of United Monolithic Semiconductors SAS, Orsay, France (50:50 Joint Venture EADS – Thales). Later as Vice President, Head of Engineering EADS Defence Electronics, EADS Deutschland GmbH where he was responsible for systems design, software and hardware development, integration and test. In his last function as Vice President, Head of Systems & Software Engineering CASSIDIAN, EADS Deutschland GmbH he was responsible for the domains radars, electronic warfare, multi-sensor integration, mission avionics and avionics equipment – with special task: autonomous systems.

The areas of competence of Prof. Daembkes –  autonomy, development of avionics equipment, Radar & EW systems,  HF-systems & technologies, optoelectronic systems, semiconductor technologies, processes for engineering in general, for Systems Engineering, for Software development, quality and risk management – with in addition of these competences, his experience as member of ARTEMIS Steering Board as from the start-up in 2007 – make all important ingredients completely for the position of President of ARTEMIS Industry Association

About his election as President of ARTEMIS Industry Association, Prof. Daembkes stated: “ARTEMIS is a proven concept for R&D actors in Embedded Systems. The Industry Association represents an influential network of more than 200 members from all over Europe – facing the next step. At the moment we are in the middle of promoting a follow-up programme and having discussions with the Commission, key-members of the European Parliament and Member States. This is a very interesting phase because it gives us the opportunity to benefit from the experience of the processes of the last 6 years and improve them where required. For me, this is a fascinating challenge.”

Industry faces a lot of common challenges in the field of embedded systems – particularly in safety-relevant areas. There is no company or research institution that can solve these problems alone. This is why working together with other companies and research institutes in a pre-competitive phase has become more and more a priority.  About his branch, Prof. Daembkes says: “The European automotive industry is still the global leader in innovation based on embedded systems. But we face challenges from Japan and other Asian countries. This is one of our motivations for concentrating our efforts in Europe and to exchange experiences with other industry domains such aerospace.”

Prof. Daembkes sees much interest in the approach of ARTEMIS Industry Association, which is a combined effort with companies, research institutes, and small and medium-sized enterprises, together with the EU and national public funding authorities. “Other programmes do not have this combined effort defined by all the stakeholders”, he says. “In ARTEMIS, we have a common strategic research agenda, developed using both a top-down and a bottom-up approach, integrating all important stakeholders in a combined effort. This way, ARTEMIS is bringing together the best of available resources specifically on embedded systems, to achieve the focus needed to make a difference.”