• Published on 25 Aug 2014
  • About ARTEMIS

ARTEMIS Industry Association branding 2.0

A year of organizational changes is the best way to describe 2014. We had to say goodbye to the co-branding we had with ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking due to the merger with ENIAC Joint Undertaking in ECSEL Joint Undertaking and due to the merger of the different focus areas in one Joint Undertaking we started working more closely together with the AENEAS and EPoSS Industry Associations. This resulted in totally new events, new cooperation’s and a new exiting time ahead of us.

The biggest change was clearly splitting the association from the previous Joint Undertaking to showcase the differences between the two of them and letting people know that despite the merger of the Joint Undertakings the association will continue to represent the Industry in the new Joint Undertaking. The tricky part we had to keep in mind is that the ARTEMIS-JU projects will continue until 2017 and they deserve as much dissemination support as every other ARTEMIS project had before, therefore we still use the previous branding for the running projects of the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking and we created a 2.0 version of the current branding to showcase the difference between the ARTEMIS association and JU.

This 2.0 version of the ARTEMIS branding keeps the history in mind by keeping our typical triangles however the new varieties in the triangles refer to new (smaller and bigger) cooperation’s and the purple colors are added to show the vision of CPS and the possibilities we see in the future.

ARTEMIS Industry Association, The Public Private Partnership in Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems and your ticket to the future.

In conclusion, we are ready for the future and we look forward to all the possibilities it will bring the association.