• Published on 08 Aug 2016
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ARTEMIS Industry Association is now an official member of HiPEAC.

'The industry association is focusing on more in-depth collaborations for more impact and better results'

08 August 2016 - Eindhoven, The Netherlands

As of today, ARTEMIS Industry Association is an official member of HiPEAC. The goal of the HiPEAC network is to strengthen the European research community in computing systems, by bringing together the leading European academic and industrial groups into one virtual centre of excellence, collaborating on joint research projects, and shaping the future of computing systems in Europe.

The goals of HiPEAC and ARTEMIS Industry Association are well matched. ARTEMIS is the European Technology Platform (ETP) on Embedded Intelligence. The ARTEMIS ETP is executed by in the ARTEMIS Industry Association, a major player in driving research and innovation, community building, knowledge transfer and European competitiveness. The ARTEMIS ETP develops the ARTEMIS Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) which is a strategic research and innovation agenda with roadmaps for action at EU and national levels to be supported by both private and public funding. Developing this strategy and mobilising stakeholders is a key task of the ARTEMIS European Technology Platform.

HiPEAC Coordinator Koen De Bosschere commented: 'By joining forces with ARTEMIS, we will draw on the strengths of both communities to create a powerful strategic vision for computing systems in Europe. The cooperation between the ARTEMIS Industry Association and HiPEAC will promote knowledge sharing, creating strong roadmaps for action and connecting the communities to promote in-depth cooperation between our members’.

ARTEMIS-IA is striving for more collaboration between industry associations, PPPs and research organisations because ARTEMIS Industry Association believes that there are no sharp delineations between technologies, and that technologies for Embedded Intelligence should not be considered in isolation. New innovative businesses will emerge from combinations of technologies that will unlock new opportunities for value creation in many industrial sectors.  

ARTEMIS created an Innovation Environment to serve the industry in general, and specifically ARTEMIS members, to provide them with an excellent network for fostering innovation, the exchange of technology ideas, cross-domain fertilisation, as well as for large innovation initiatives and standardisation.