• Published on 11 Nov 2019
  • About ARTEMIS

Artemis joined HiPEAC's Autumn Computing Systems Week

From October 28 to 30, ARTEMIS-IA was present at HiPEAC’s Autumn Computing Systems Week (CSW). As project partner we joined the event that was hosted by Innovalia, the local organizer in Bilbao, the city that is famous for its Guggenheim museum.

The programme started with a very interesting keynote of Onur Mutlu of ETH Zürich on Intelligent Archictectures for Intelligent Machines. He sketched how future computer architectures could be enabled by AI to learn from the data they are processing, thus improving their efficiency, as a variation on “learning on the job”.

Among others sessions were held on programming models for upcoming supercomputers and on resilience in HPC. The second day Johan Stahre (Chalmers University of Technology) presented the issues for industry in the transition to Digital. During his keynote speech he described three levels:

  1. The lowest level, for digital tools and real-time connectivity that allows previously unseen performance of interaction and integration between people and machines.
  2. The second level is on the digital platforms and digital markets connecting industries in digital value chains.
  3. The third level relates to global crowd-sourcing of experts and resources.

Especially the digital platforms will be essential for Europe in this upcoming digital transformation, as today the digital platform markets are dominated by US and Asian players. For more information, visit the HiPEAC website.