• Published on 04 Jul 2019
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ARTEMIS joined Valeo at Viva Technology

On May 17, ARTEMIS-IA was present at the  Valeo booth at the Viva Technology conference in Paris. With 124,000 visitors coming from 125 countries including 13,000 startups, 3,300 investors and 2,500 journalists,  Viva Technology is a clear next level event in addressing  Europe’s  research community.

At Viva Technology ARTEMIS hosted one of the pop-up sessions at the exhibition, kindly hosted by Valeo in its booth. The session focused on how to involve SMEs and start-ups on AI, embedded systems and IoT with tech companies. In Europe we have a unique collaborative system with large eco-systems and international collaborative R&I projects.  ARTEMIS wants to stimulate participation and creation of R&I projects in  ECSEL programme.   The session at Viva Technology was a great opportunity to  showcase why and how collaborative research stimulates competitiveness of European industries and benefits the European economy.  a.

Jean-Luc di Paola Galloni, president of ARTEMIS and VP, Sustainable Development & External Affairs at Valeo organized, hosted and moderated the session with: ;

  • Catherine Borg-Capra, Director, Industrial Innovation Sector,  BPI France
  • Wael Chahrour, CTO, Airlane Technologies (Startup)
  • Saad Khaled, Principal, Advancy
  • Lindsay Gorman, Researcher US Digital & Innovation Program / Fellow for Emerging Technologies, German Marshall Fund of the US

The speakers discussed the added-value and benefits for especially innovative SME’s and start-ups active in embedded and cyber-physical systems to participate in collaborative R&I projects, as facilitated by ECSEL-JU and H2020.Together they concluded that The Embedded & Cyber-Physical value chain of tomorrow will show a very different distribution of value over the  players. Value will migrate massively to systems of systems & solutions and this provides especially Start-ups a terrific playground for  growth. . It’s a world of value networks and not a single value chain, such that  no single player can dominate or own the full value network , which provides ample space to  start-ups. Secondly, it’s more than a tech push-  it ia all about  being closer to the customer and into the applications. All verticals will be impacted, and the first ones to witness growth are Smart Mobility & Digital industry – and this was very visible  by walking down the Viva Technology hall.

In the context of this revolution, Europe is in good shape today. It already has some strongholds in Transportation & Smart Mobility and Digital industry. These are tremendous research areas with fantastic potential  to  start-ups because technology is getting ready, and also traditional players need to partner with a full ecosystem.

Nevertheless, Europe is lagging behind in some large B2B and B2C verticals such as smart health and connected customer. The US are ahead of us and Asia is catching up fast. Private players in the traditional value chain of Electronics are less in EU today than in Asia and the US, but the EU has done a good job of investing on its future in the field of E&CPS so far!

What’s more, as value shifts to systems and solutions, for which  complete ecosystems are essential, the EU needs more start-ups and SMEs to enter in collaborative research projects to prepare for  the needs of tomorrow