• Published on 06 Jul 2016
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Dear ARTEMIS friends,

Just a couple of days ago, on July 1st, Heinrich Daembkes stepped down as President of ARTEMIS-IA because of his retirement in Airbus. We thank Heinrich for his enthusiastic and energetic leadership of ARTEMIS-IA, also during the construction phase of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking. He spent a lot of time to our association during 3.5 years; we are going to miss him. A process has been started in the Steering Board to find a successor. During the transition phase, Laila Gide - as the vice-president with the longest boardmembership-period in the Steering Board - will chair the meetings of the Steering board and the Presidium. We will invite Heinrich as a guest of honour to one of our upcoming major events, to say officially farewell to him.

Since April 27 we are a member of AIOTI in the present format as embodied in the Commission. The Commission requested that AIOTI becomes an industrial association, separate of the Commission. So AIOTI is now setting up their Articles of Association (AoA), and the Presidium responded positively that ARTEMIS-IA will be one of the 18 founding members of the new association. We could then give feedback on the draft AoA and we did. In September of this year AIOTI will organize a General Assembly in which the By-laws will be adopted.

On June 10 we organised a workshop about information exchange between industrial organisations that are active in embedded systems w.r.t. digital innovation. You can read more in our newsletter.

On June 22-23 our yearly Summer Camp did take place. This time in Luleå in the very North of Sweden where we experienced the longest day of this year. Read the short report in our newsletter.

Earlier this year we halved the fixed fee of the membership of ARTEMIS-IA, to the benefit of the current members and hopefully resulting in more members. The latter has yet to materialize. Currently we have 177 members and we hope to cross the 200-line later this year.

We hope to see you all in Madrid on Oct. 4-6. We will start with a Pre-Brokerage for H2020 (incl. ECSEL) on Oct. 4-5 and on Oct. 5-6 our 2nd ARTEMIS Technology Conference (ATC) will take place.
Please mark your calendar also for Oct. 20 for the ECSEL Stakeholders Forum, enabling you the opportunity to give feedback on the draft MASRIA as input for the ECSEL 2017 calls.

So we will have an exciting period after the holiday period.
I wish you all a fine summer vacation!

Jan Lohstroh