• Published on 25 Feb 2013
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ARTEMIS ‘Post Brokerage Event’ in Brussels

ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking will organise the International ARTEMIS 'Post Brokerage Event' for the Call 2013 on Tuesday 23 April 2013. This Event  will allow project proposers to meet and discuss the feedback they received on Expressions of Interest with ARTEMIS-JU Programme Officers on an individual basis. It will also offer a forum to proposers to present their ideas and needs to enrol additional partners to the community present, and time will also be foreseen for participants to briefly present themselves as candidate partners.

The Expression of Interest (EoI) is an informal and optional submission that will be used by the ARTEMIS-JU Office programme coordinators to get a first picture of the anticipated coverage of the programme. It will also be sent to the National Funding Authorities of the ARTEMIS Member States participating in your proposal, so that they are given advance information about the projects they may be asked to finance. Though the submission of an Expression of Interest is optional, we highly recommend that you do participate. The deadline for submitting an EoI is 8th March 2013 (EoI's sent in later will not receive feedback).

This event has been aligned with the similar 'Consortium Building event' of the ENIAC Joint Undertaking, on Wednesday 24th April at the same location, with a common networking evening provisionally planned on April 23rd.                                                                                                                                                          
Please mark the following date in your agenda:

> ARTEMIS Post Brokerage Event for the 'Expression of Interest'(EoL)
> Tuesday 23 April 2013
> ARTEMIS JU Office 'White Atrium, Brussels

In due course we will be publishing more detailed information on the complete programme and access to the event registration page on the ARTEMIS website