• Published on 06 Jul 2016
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ARTEMIS Summer Camp 2016

The ARTEMIS Summer Camp 2016 meant meeting in the most Northern location of any ARTEMIS meeting ever; Luleå Technology University (LTU) in Sweden during Midsummer’s day. The event took place took place on 22-23 June 2016. The time and location provided the perfect setting for in depth strategic discussions. The LTU is a long-standing member of ARTEMIS-IA and is represented by our Steering Board member Prof. Jerker Delsing, who is also leading the large ARROWHEAD project. In addition, the Lulea-based ProcessIT.EU cluster is one of the ARTEMIS Centers of Innovation Excellence, connecting Research, technology providers, system builders and end-customers.

The Summer Camp provides ARTEMIS-IA members with the opportunity to discuss the goals and strategy of the ARTEMIS Industry Association, both in its role as member of ECSEL-JU and in its role as European Technology Platform (ETP). During this year’s event, we have built further on the recently released ARTEMIS Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) 2016, which sets the technology direction of Embedded Intelligence for the coming 10 years.

Starting the first day, the participants were provided with an overview by Jan Lohstroh (Secretary-General ARTEMIS-IA) of the current activities of ARTEMIS as ETP & ARTEMIS-IA as member of ARTEMIS-JU/ECSEL-JU. Followed by an update of the valuable results from the Digital Innovation Information Exchange Workshop, organised by ARTEMIS-IA, with the goal of bringing the European associations/organisations active in digital innovations together to inform each other and have open discussions about cooperation. Laila Gide, ARTEMIS-IA Vice-President, presented the implementation of the SRA 2016. In the afternoon, all gathered to discuss the external ARTEMIS-IA activities in a workshop set-up. The topics for this workshop were:

  • ARTEMIS ETP goals/activities
  • Programme participation (H2020 and ECSEL)
  • Cooperation with other organisations
  • Lobbying

The following day, the current tableau of activities was presented by Ad ten Berg, ARTEMIS-IA Office Director. An overview was given of the extensive amount of meeting and events organised by the ARTEMIS-IA office, as well as a summary of communication efforts, among which books, magazines, newsletters and even three movies.


Besides activities organised inside the office, also new contact and alliances were established through multiple ARTEMIS-IA promotion tours to various CPS linked events in which the activities of ARTEMIS as Industry Association, ETP and private member of ECSEL were highlighted through information sessions and booth presentations. The promotion of ARTEMIS-IA activities are supported by state-of-the-art movies, as presented during the Summer Camp by Iris Hamelink, ARTEMIS-IA Communications.

After the morning presentations, these topics regarding the internal organisation of ARTEMIS-IA were thoroughly discussed, including the topics of Working Groups and “How to improve in-kind contributions from our members”.

Recommendations made in this Summer Camp will be presented to the Steering Board for further actions.