• Published on 09 Jan 2015
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Brokerage 2015

Although 2015 is still fresh, the preparations for the ARTEMIS Brokerage event in Amsterdam are in full swing. The Brokerage event is fully booked. If you have a project proposal, do not forget to add this in the PIT Tool. 

The Pre-Brokerage event in December 2014 in Vienna proved to be a fertile ground for the start of project proposal preparations. Already about 10 project ideas have been presented at this event and the discussion was very lively. This is a promising precursor to the Brokerage at which we expect to, at least, double this number!

From the projects proposed in Vienna, now about five have been entered in PIT, the ARTEMIS Project Idea Tool. A web-based tool to help to promote your project ideas to the ARTEMIS community or even to the world. Different access levels are built in, from completely closed, via access only for participants at the Brokerage event to “open for all”, to be chosen during upload in PIT by the project idea owner. Next to this, interested parties can express their interest through PIT to you as project idea owner. Last year more than 35 ideas have been uploaded in this tool!

Please be aware that the registration is still open but will be closed when we reach the level of 250 participants. So if you plan to attend, take the opportunity now!

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