• Published on 06 Sep 2016
  • Calls for Projects

“Build” the Transportation of 2050

The research, feedback, and two successful phases are concluded. With that, the Infrastructure Vision 2050 Challenge has entered the third and final leg. HeroX offers one more chance to get involved with the future of US Infrastructure. 

HeroX is a platform that empowers anyone to identify a problem or opportunity, builds a community around solving it, and awards innovators for creating breakthroughs. Join the solvers movement to learn how you can help build tomorrow.

HeroX offers participants the possibility to showcasetheir long-held, unappreciated transportation solution. Recent epiphanies are also welcome.  Remember, HeroX is not looking for a resume, just the best answer to a killer problem.

Teams entering the competition will:

  • Identify a type of high traffic travel route and consider conditions for that area.
  • Create a transportation infrastructure system that includes all successful submission elements. You'll find those in the Submission Form.
  • Include strong visual support for the idea.


The Guidelines now reflect the conditions of the Build Phase. Feel free to peruse them now, bookmark and save for later, or come back to them via the Challenge page anytime.