• Published on 17 Oct 2012
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Changes in this years community session


Community session

This years’ theme of ARTEMIS Community Session is: “Health Care & Manufacturing Automation” and four projects in these fields have been selected to be highlighted in this community session.

For manufacturing automation, eSONIA and R3COP have been invited and for health care, both CHIRON and High Profile have been invited to join.

The setup of the ARTEMIS Community Session is totally different than former years. Instead of preparing a PowerPoint Presentation, we’re now preparing a live & vivid debate – together with an inspirational moderator: Irene Lopéz de Vallejo. In this way we expect more interaction and discussion to take place during this Community Session at the Co-Summit.

In the domain of Manufacturing and process automation, eSONIA aims to improve efficiency and safety of industrial facilities by realising the asset-aware and self-recovering manufacturing plant through the use of IPv6-based embedded devices with specialised on-board services and a middleware that benefits from a service-Oriented software architecture. This will be used for the first time in industry to support continuous monitoring/diagnostics/ prognostics/control of assets, regardless of their physical location.

Another angle to manufacturing and process automation is taken by R3-COP that provides new leading-edge methodology and technologies to enable production of advanced robust and safe cognitive, reasoning autonomous and co-operative robotic systems in different application domains at reduced cost in terms of time and money. It will not only establish an environment for their design, development, assessment and validation but also develop a high-performance and fault-tolerant processing platform.

In the healthcare domain, CHIRON intends to combine state-of-the art ICT technologies and innovative solutions into an integrated framework designed for an effective and person-centric health management along the complete care cycle. It will provide powerful supporting ICT tools by ensuring that patients and medical doctors remain the protagonists of the healthcare process designed around them.

Also in the healthcare domain, HIGH PROFILE aims to establish an overall system approach for healthcare based on an integrated system concept of seamless integration of interoperable components. HIGH PROFILE addresses this explicitly in the field of Advanced Imaging Systems. The project elevates the state-of-the-art by integrating imaging equipment for diagnostics to support combinations of images from different medical equipment modalities for advanced imaging of central nervous systems.