• Published on 18 Jul 2013
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Co-summit 2013, Stockholm!

The 2013 Co-summit – organised by ARTEMIS & ITEA 2 – will be held on 4-5 December in the capital of Sweden; Stockholm and all preperation for this event started last month. The ARTEMIS office is pleased to inform you that the Scandic Infra Business Center in Stockholm is this years ‘place to be’, to meet about 650-700 participants from industry, academia, public authorities and press from all over Europe.

Please mark the Co-Summit in your agenda. The theme of this year is “Software innovation: boosting high-tech employment and industry” which relates to the following observations.

Although part of the fabrication processes that have been transferred from Europe to Asia is coming back to Europe, the employment in Europe’s industry is strongly related to high-education jobs in research, innovation, sustainability of production, transportation, logistics and services, in which software and the innovation in software plays a dominant role. The ICT industry and ICT-enabled innovation in non-ICT industries and services make an increasingly important contribution to the economic growth of advanced economies. The transnational high-tech projects in ITEA and ARTEMIS are significant factors in propelling Europe to boost its high tech industry and to maintain, upgrade and growth its employment to keep Europe prosperous.

Co-summit participants will be able to discover in abundance that ICT is at the heart of innovation while browsing the around 90 projects on show at the ITEA and ARTEMIS project exhibitions. This year, the exhibitions includes a special focus area with projects related to the topic of 'smart cities'. 

ARTEMIS puts ‘Intelligence on the spot’ with the exhibition of the projects emanating from the ARTEMIS Calls of 2009 to 2012, and whilst the Call 2013 is an accelerate cycle; ARTEMIS gives a glimpse of Call 2013 as well.

During the entire Co-summit, visitors will be able to roam around the project exhibition and share insights with key representatives from more than 80 European leading R&D&I projects. Both ITEA and ARTEMIS projects and their results will be showcased in terms of innovation, business impact and exploitation.

The Co-summit 2013 exhibition will include a special focus area with projects related to the topic of 'Smart Cities'.

More information will follow soon!