• Published on 14 Nov 2016
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Collaboration ‘key’ topic at the EPoSS Annual Forum 2016

This autumn, ARTEMIS Industry Association participated at the EPoSS Annual Forum 2016 in Lecce, Italy. The European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration - EPoSS - celebrated its 10th anniversary with the Annual Forum, which had a focus on “Bridging the Gap between Research and Applications: Smart Systems Interconnected”.

Under this title, the programme of this year’s Annual Forum had a focus on Smart Systems solutions enabling breakthroughs in six different research and application areas. These six themes were very diverse, from Sports & Wearables, Food, Water & Health, to IoT, Robotics and Transportation.

Bert De Colvenaer, Executive Director of ECSEL Joint Undertaking, was present and had the opportunity to speak for the first time at an EPoSS event. De Colvenaer said that he sees himself more as a customer than as an Electronic Components and Systems man. With this in mind, he stated that the European industry is as strong as our weakest link. Collaboration is key, to create innovative projects within the ECSEL programme, and to eventually effect products and thus the end-user experience.

The question when you need to compete or to collaborate is a very interesting one, especially when looking at the automotive industry. This industry is very competitive, though when collaborating in ECSEL projects, collaboration is easier because of a partner construction with often different application areas combined.

In line with the ‘collaboration topic’ was the release of the Draft Version 1.0 (Oct. 2016) EPoSS Strategic Research Agenda to the participants of this Forum. EPoSS aims to build on long-time co-operations with other ETPs and organisations, as well as to allow for creating new partnerships. In the ARTEMIS SRA, we speak of having no sharp delineations between technologies, and that such technologies should not be considered in splendid isolation. Here both associations clearly share similar visions.

Within ARTEMIS-IA we are building new cooperations, e.g. by organising the Digital Innovation Information Exchange Workshop, and we are strengthening existing co-operations, e.g. by co-organising the new Digital Innovation Forum 2017 with ITEA.

ARTEMIS-IA will continue building quality collaborations with parties acting within the scope of ECSEL JU or the ARTEMIS-IA SRA, to enhance its role in the silent revolution that is the Digital Transformation of Europe.,

At the EPoSS event it became clear that our vision is shared by others. So let’s work together on digitising the European industry and improving European competitiveness!