• Published on 09 May 2017
  • Project News

CP-SETIS - Strategic Research Agenda on Standardisation for Cyber-physical Systems.

On 10 May 2017 the CP-SETIS project released the Strategic Research Agenda on Standardisation for Cyber-physical Systems. This document is the final deliverable of the CP-SETIS project which includes the work done in the support actions ProSE (“Promoting Standardization for Embedded Systems”, FP7, contract no. 224213) and CP-SETIS (Towards Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Tools Interoperability Standardization, grant agreement no. 645149).

ARTEMIS-IA (Industrial Association for Advanced Research and Technology for Embedded Intelligent Systems) considered Standardization from the very beginning as one of the key pillars to create a sustainable innovation ecosystem. CP-SETIS is a support-action type IA (Innovation Action) in Horizon 2020, driven by key players from the ARTEMIS Standardization community and key ARTEMIS/ECSEL projects focusing on the particular aspect of tool interoperability. As opposed to the efforts in the past, the goal is no longer to initiate, enhance or update one or the other particular standard, but to cover the whole area of tool interoperability. This cannot be done by just one interoperability standard, specification or guideline, but needs adoption and adaptation of a whole set of standards, specifications and guidelines from different areas and organizations.

How this is planned to be achieved and how the approach has to deviate from the ProSE approach will be explained in this document and related deliverables of CP-SETIS.

You can download the document here.