• Published on 29 Apr 2016
  • External News

CPSE Labs: Funding opportunity for engineering and technology businesses

A new European initiative provides a unique opportunity for technology businesses to win funding for innovation activities.  Businesses can apply for up to €150,000 to fund an industrial experiment, and successful applications will also receive technical support from one of Europe's top research centres.

To apply, engineering and technology businesses should describe an industrial experiment they would like to carry out and submit it before the 22nd June deadline.  Proposals should be in "cyber-physical systems"

(CPSs).  These are systems that include computational elements as well as interaction with the physical world (e.g., through actuators and/or sensors).  Many firms working in ICT, IoT, embedded systems or engineering will find they are eligible to apply for funding and support.  Relevant application areas are wide-ranging and include: adaptive production systems; urban sustainability; smart cities; autonomous vehicles; and maritime engineering.

This opportunity is created by the EU-funded CPSE Labs project, which aims to support Europe's innovators.  The project has brought together nine of Europe's top design & research labs, into a pan-European network spanning five countries.  Each funded experiment will be partnered with a research centre, to equip successful applicants with infrastructure, knowledge, and tools needed to support rapid development of innovative CPS products and services.

Detailed information about the Open Call is available on the CPSE Labs

Website: www.cpse-labs.eu/calls.php