• Published on 06 Jul 2016
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Digital Innovation Information Exchange workshop

On the initiative of the ARTEMIS-IA Presidium, a workshop was held on 10 June 2016 in Brussels, for which industrial ETP’s, associations, and alliances were invited that are (partly) active in the field of embedded systems related to digital innovation. The main goal of this workshop was/is, to inform each other what they are doing and to have an open discussion to explore options for information exchange. Meike Reimann from Steinbeis in Germany was hired as an independent moderator. ARTEMIS-IA is very happy that participants from 13 industry organisations decided to attend this event.

All participants were asked to prepare inputs from their organisation by a template and to provide their inputs in advance to prepare the workshop contents and discussion. The main questions to be answered in these preparations were:

  • What are your organisation’s hottest topics?
  • What are your organisation’s potential topics for cooperation?
  • What options do you envision for information sharing?
  • What would you like to achieve by cooperation?

As introduction to the workshop, Jan Lohstroh sketched the landscape of Digitisation, as seen from the ARTEMIS-IA perspective. Then all participants introduced their organisations briefly. The morning sessions ended by a round-table on problems and solutions statements. Some of the most frequently heard are:

  • A common understanding of technologies.
  • Reduce fragmentation, reduce overlap.
  • The EU industry policy needs coherent input from industry.
  • Look for synergies and learn from complementarities.

In the afternoon, a discussion was held around the question of what is to be achieved from cooperations, from four identified viewpoints; community building, information exchange, reaching a critical mass and cross-cutting interests. The meeting decided that a follow-up event is needed to have a next-level discussion and to define concrete actions. Some remarks made by the participants in a closing round on their opinion on this workshop were:

  • “We have a joint problem and that is why we are here together.”
  • “This workshop provided the right atmosphere to discuss our common issues.”
  • “Ready to engage, we share some problems and need action“.