• Published on 06 Sep 2016
  • About ARTEMIS

Do you know what the ARTEMIS-ETP is?

Many people from our community are not aware that ARTEMIS Industry Association executes the activities of the European Technology Platform (ETP) on Embedded Intelligence, which is recognised by the European Commission. The role of executing the ARTEMIS ETP is one that ARTEMIS-IA has been doing for many years now, but for many people it is still not clear what this means exactly and that’s something we want to change!

The ARTEMIS ETP is an industry-led stakeholder forum and is a key actor in driving research and innovation on Embedded Intelligent Systems, community building, knowledge transfer and European competitiveness. The ARTEMIS ETP develops the strategic research and innovation agenda with roadmaps for action at EU and national level to be supported by both private and public funding. ARTEMIS mobilises its stakeholders to deliver on agreed research priorities and align priorities and information across the EU. Developing this strategy and mobilising stakeholders is a key task of the ARTEMIS European Technology Platform.

ARTEMIS Industry Association implements the activities of the ARTEMIS European Technology Platform and focusses on creating an innovation environment for the industries active in  R&I on Embedded Intelligence. 

As explained in the ARTEMIS Strategic Research Agenda, the Association believes that there are no sharp delineations between technologies, and that such technologies should not be considered in splendid isolation. As Embedded Intelligent Systems in an industrial context encompasses a wider class of systems than Embedded Systems in their most strict definition, ARTEMIS-IA distinguishes three focus areas, that together create this wider and industrial context setting: Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things and Digital Platforms.

ARTEMIS-IA was established by companies that decided to cooperate to bring the message of the need for more structural R&I on Embedded Intelligent Systems to a larger scale. Cooperation is for that reason one of the main focus points of ARTEMIS.

Of course, the whole ARTEMIS model is based on gaining impact of Embedded Intelligent Systems on a European level through cooperative R&I projects.