HealthE Whitepaper
  • Published on 08 Dec 2020
  • External News

ECSEL JU Lighthouse Initiative Health.E white paper

Emerging Medical Domains for the ECS industry

The rapid developments in modern healthcare systems and advances in patient experience are enabled by new healthcare technologies, causing the borders between MedTech, Pharma and the Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) industries to become vague. At these interfaces, new medical domains are developing that offer diagnosis and treatment solutions that address real needs in effective, affordable healthcare.

The white paper establishes an inventory of the emerging medical domains that can be served, now and in the near future, by the ECS industry. The Health.E Lighthouse Initiative has compiled a clear list of action areas, having consulted extensively with RTOs, projects connected to the Lighthouse, and other stakeholders, such as policymakers and healthcare organisations.

Download the whitepaper here.