• Published on 17 Nov 2016
  • External News

ECSEL News - Written by Alun Foster

A successful programme requires good external communication. This is really key to what ECSEL JU represents: being a funding instrument fostering European competitiveness in ECS industry, ECSEL makes sure that Europe’s vibrant industrial landscape is kept fully in attention, not only of participants but also of the public at large as well as policy-makers. Our programme is designed to boost electronic solutions for societal changes by making Europeans’ lives easier, healthier, safer and longer. And we need to be sure that everyone knows about this.

As well as informing our members and project partners, we want to reach out to the public outside the present community, foster the visibility of ECSEL actions and bring attention to the importance of our projects. Keeping in mind that the majority of people are not specialized in ECSEL’s technically specialised area, we aim at tailoring our external communication in order to inform everyone, regardless the background know-how they may already have: we want talk to the “informed but non-specialist audience”. And this is important: we want European citizens and policy-makers alike to know about ECSEL, how it benefits their lives by providing safer driving, better healthcare, reliable low-cost energy and other important elements, and also how important it is to keep on researching and developing the technologies needed to make this happen, often in the light of very hard competition from other areas of the world. 

As a step to achieving that, we created the first edition of ECSEL JU Book of Projects – a compilation of the most important information on the 25 projects from the first two ECSEL years of operation, combined with colourful layout, eye-catchy images and professional finish. We worked together with the project coordinators to be sure that their technically complex work was explained clearly for all audiences. The project descriptions are accompanied by short introductory texts explaining the works of the JU and basic elements of its unique funding model, and some general articles to give added interest and background.

In preparation of the upcoming European Nanoelectronics Forum 2016 - the event bringing together nanoelectronics stakeholders, from industry to academics and policy makers - we also designed ECSEL project posters in the same vein. The posters are made to inform about the goals, priorities and achievements, as well as participants involved in the projects, in an attention-grabbing but informative and comprehensible way. The projects are free to add any additional information they wish, but these basic posters should help a lot in explaining their projects to an interested, non-technical audience.

You can find the Book of Projects on-line at We hope you like it!