• Published on 11 Jul 2014
  • External News


At the Marriott hotel on 20-21 May 2014 in Brussels, the three Industry Associations joined forces to work together on an integrated plan (MASP/WP 2014) in the context of the Research and Innovation Agenda (MASRIA 2014).

Around 150 participants of the ARTEMIS-IA, AENEAS and EPoSS Industry joint the intensive discussions chaired by the Chapter experts. After the introduction of the first day, in which the current status of documents, timeline and targets were discussed, the scene was set for the formation of the MASRIA 2015. Nine Chapter leaders took the task of collecting and guiding the input of the future ECSEL community in order to further develop the MASP 2014 as the basis for the 2014 ECSEL call. In preparation for the break-out sessions per MASP chapter, inquiries had been sent out for up-front input.

The enthusiastic and elaborate discussions of this first day continued that evening in the still warm & sunny Spring-day in Brussels. The dinner location was fully packed and additional fans were needed to cool down the audience. Looking at the variety of guests, this event represented the first real integration of all three industry associations’ communities.

After this dynamic first day, in which the application chapters ; Smart Mobility, Smart Health, Smart Society , Smart Energy and Smart Manufacturing were discussed,  the programme of the second day continued with the 4 technology core areas ; Process technologies, Cyber-Physical Systems, Design Technologies and System integration.All feedback was presented by the chapter leaders at the end of day 2.
The development of a joint integrated MASP with participants from three associations is a challenge that was successfully mastered at this event. However, the discussion on the MASP 2014 with the Commission and Public Authorities continued long after the event, to which the chapter leaders also contributed in a very cooperative way, sustaining the spirit of this event.