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  • Published on 24 Jun 2019
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EPoSS Annual Forum 2019: Call for presentations

The European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration – EPoSS – will hold its General Assembly and An-nual Forum 2019 in San Sebastián, Spain on 16-17 October 2019. This year’s Annual Forum titled MiSSIon Smart Systems will address all demands related to the automated and sustainable production of and by Smart Integrated Systems. By definition, Smart Systems have the ability to collect data, extract information, distill knowledge and turn it instantly into action or provide some kind of decision support to the entire system. Such Smart Technologies are cur-rently put to the test, given that short life cycles of products or an increasing requirement for fabrication on demand are just some of the challenges today’s production and manufacturing sector are faced with.

With the goal to present the latest developments for Smart Systems, presentations shall focus on innovations demon-strating solutions for Smart Technologies and products regarding sizing, performance, quality, energy efficiency, com-patibility, reliability, durability and compliance with international standards, data security, integrity and safety. In addi-tion, presentations may address social and environmental aspects such as natural resources, food or farming, for in-stance. We especially encourage SMEs and young researchers to submit abstracts and introduce own developments in one of the following application areas:

  • Smart Systems for Manufacture, Energy and Mobility
  • Smart Systems for Flexible Electronics and Wearables
  •  Smart Systems for Food, Water and Agriculture

Within these application areas presentations shall target different cross-cutting technologies and functionalities:

    •  Sensing and control
    •  Monitoring and actuation
    •  Flexible electronics
    •  Energy supply and management
    •  Miniaturisation and integration
    •  Communication, network technologies including connectivity
    •  Hardware and data safety and security (including durability, reliability and dependability)
    • Efficacy and efficiency, re-usability, recyclability of used material

Presentations may furthermore cover different aspects of the Smart Systems life cycle: conception, design, prototyp-ing, manufacturing, testing, consumption, use, service provision, standardisation etc.

Presentations will be selected by the Technical Committee.
If you wish to participate in the Call for Presentations, please submit the proposed title of your presentation, an ab-stract of 1,500 – 3,000 characters together with your full contact details, a short biography and a photo to the EPoSS Office via contact@smart-systems-integration.org by 16 August 2019. For submitting the abstract, please use the en-closed template. Invitations for selected presentations will be sent to you until 6 September 2019. Please note: ab-stracts that are not selected for oral presentation will be invited for poster presentation.