• Published on 18 Jul 2013
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Eric Schutz Retires

Eric Schutz will step down as Executive Director of the ARTEMIS-JU per 2013 Aug. 1
As Jan Lohstroh wrote in the foreword of the ARTEMIS-Magazine nr. 14, it is a pity that the European Commission applies their rules so strictly that civil servants are not allowed to work for the Commission and Union Bodies for persons if older than 65 years. Eric Schutz, although willing to continue in his job as executive director of the ARTEMIS-JU, has to step down per Aug. 1.

We thank Eric for all the work he did in the past for ARTEMIS-IA as presidium member and since 2009 for the ARTEMIS-JU as executive director. He had a strong drive to formulate and realize the goals of ARTEMIS, and although the funding by the member states stayed behind the initial expectation, good results have been obtained by the ARTEMIS-JU till so far. Eric was present in the recent Summer Camp in Madrid, where he was addressed with several speeches and gifts.

We hope to see Eric still active for ARTEMIS in may be a less visible advisory role.