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  • Published on 25 Feb 2013
  • About ARTEMIS


We are at this moment in an intensified discussion with the Commission, Member States , AENEAS and EPoSS about the setup of a new Joint Undertaking that, according to the strong wish of the Commission, should cover the areas of Nanoelectronics, Embedded & CyberPhysical Systems, and Smart Systems. The total technical area is now described in a Draft Technical Annex that will be the basis of one of the sections of a new Council Regulation. The idea is that the new JU will be operation in early 2014 and that the current ARTEMIS-JU and ENIAC-JU will be incorporated in the new JU, which again will be a tri-partite construction in which both the Commission and Member States will fund projects.

In the next GA meeting on March 14 in Brussels we will inform you about the status of the discussions and about the scenarios with respect to important details to be worked out.

There is no doubt that we have to adapt or renew the legal documents of our Association (Articles of Association and ARTEMIS-IA Supplementary Agreement) in the course of this year. In the GA meeting of March 14 we will present a plan to the ARTEMIS-IA members how to obtain the new legal basis for our association.