• Published on 11 Jul 2014
  • External News

Heinrich Daembkes elected as chair for the ECSEL Governing Board

Heinrich Daembkes, chair of the ECSEL Governing Board said: “ECSEL offers a unique chance to strengthen the European R&D&I efforts in the domain of the built in electronics and intelligence in our products. This will boost our competitive position. I will do my best to help the ECSEL partners in achieving their targets”

The first official ECSEL Governing Board meeting was held on 2014 July 3; in this meeting Heinrich Daembkes (from AIRBUS) was elected as chair of the Governing Board for this year and 2015. Khalil Rouhana (Commission) and Ben Ruck (Dutch Public Authority) will take the roles as vice chairs.

Photo: The chairs of the new ECSEL Governing Board: Khalil Rouhana (for the EC, vice chair), Heinrich Daembkes (for the Private Members, chair),Ben Ruck (for the Member States, vice chair)

ECSEL includes a cooperation of three industrial associations with very different history and culture. They are all contributing to one overall value chain which is of utmost importance for the competitiveness of European industry, especially for bringing in the required intelligence into their final products and systems. The built-in electronic intelligence will make the differentiating competitive factors to keep ECSEL products ahead.

For this ECSEL needs leading edge semiconductor industry in Europe, but also the system and software capabilities and the industry to design and to build the smart integrated systems.

Photo: The chairman of the Governing Board, Heinrich Daembkes, congratulates the new Executive Director of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking, Andreas Wild, to his new task.

Heinrich Daembkes has earlier involvements and positions in commercial and professional institutions, among them as chairman of the governing board of the previous ARTEMIS-JU. Daembkes has proven that he will be able to serve as chairman of a Governing Board with full dedication.

With more than 25 years of semiconductor background and now 12 years of experience in systems design and embedded SW, Heinrich Daembkes offered his experience in all domains represented in ECSEL. Daembkes is aware of the different centers of interest. He said: “Since the first days of the concept of ECSEL I am building bridges between the new partners and help to create a new culture of cooperation.”

Heinrich Daembkes will continue his work as the president of the ARTEMIS Industry Association next to his position in the ECSEL Governing Board.