• Published on 01 Jul 2020
  • Project News

Identifying emerging medical domains

First workshop launched by the Health.E lighthouse

The vision of the Health.E lighthouse is to accelerate innovation in electronic medical devices by motivating the industry to work towards open access technology platforms. This will enable the application of Moore’s Law in the medical domain: “Moore for Medical.”

To achieve this the activities in the Health.E lighthouse focus on:

  • Creating awareness in the ECS community for emerging opportunities in the medical domain;
  • Promoting the adaption of open access technology platforms to reduce fragmentation, development time and costs;
  • Creating a sustainable ecosystem of project consortia consisting of technology suppliers, device manufacturers and end-users.

The Health.E lighthouse is supported by the CSA HELoS, which has planned a number of workshops and dissemination events that will result in whitepapers targeted at the ECS community and other stakeholders in the healthcare community.

At the moment the first whitepaper is in preparation. The objective of this document is to advise the ECS community on emerging medical domains that will be at the heart of innovation in healthcare and represent important opportunities for the ECS industry. The whitepaper covers exciting new healthcare trends, ranging from organ-on-chip for the development of personalized medicine to imaging technologies that will eliminate the need for harmful X-ray imaging during minimally invasive surgery. The societal relevance of these developments as well as their link to the ECS industry will be discussed.

On the 26th of August, thirty representatives from industry, RTOs and the projects connected to the lighthouse will join in an on-line workshop to finalize the whitepaper, which will be presented at EFECS 2020.

For more information and a preview on the emerging medical domains, visit the Health.E lighthouse website: www.health-lighouse.eu