• Published on 30 Apr 2020
  • External News

Impact of the new Financial Regulation of the European Commission

With the adoption of new Financial Rules by the ECSEL JU (as imposed by the European Commission) for the 2020 Calls of ECSEL, non-members in project consortia cannot be asked anymore to sign a Declaration of Acceptance (DoA) to pay the variable fees which contribute to the JU administrative costs.

As a consequence, non-members in a consortium can only be asked to become a member of one of the three stakeholders associations, AENEAS, ARTEMISIA and EPoSS, for the projects from the Calls 2020. Please be aware that the C-members have to cover the variable fees for the project participants in a consortium that are non-members.

It is highly recommended that non-members are invited to become a member of one of the three associations as soon as possible during the preparation phase of a consortium, and preferably before the Full Project Proposal is submitted.

A Model PCA for ECSEL projects is now available on the websites of the associations in two
versions: one for the Calls 2019 and before, and one for the Calls 2020 in which the DoA is not
mentioned anymore. The model can be used as a template for the project PCA to be adapted
to the needs of each project.

Please note that for the Calls 2019 and before DoA’s are still allowed.


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