• Published on 30 Nov 2020
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IoT and Edge Computing II: The Far Edge

This webinar is co-organised by ARTEMIS and will take place on 7-8 December 2020. It continues and deepens the discussions on IoT and Edge Computing that were kickstarted during the webinar IoT and Edge Computing: Future Trends of 11 September 2020 organised by the Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action NGIoT, DG Connect, European Commission and AIoTI.

The speakers acknowledged during this first webinar that the current paradigm shift from Cloud to Edge brings huge opportunities for Europe. Europe is strong in industrial applications, in sensors, in cyber physical systems and can, by this paradigm shift, regain competences and market share, reinforcing its place between the US and China. Key is that Europe maintains autonomy in sectors it is leading and master the value chain, especially the digital part. Europe also needs to adopt advances in emerging technologies to IoT, as such putting a focus on the convergence of technologies, such as AI, Distributed Ledger, Digital Twins, microprocessors and IoT. This Webinar IoT and Edge Computing II. The Far Edge: long term visions and short /midterm actions invites the industry and the public sector to reflect on the main priorities for the coming decade and to engage in discussions about the initiatives and instruments Europe needs in order to move forward at speed.

The online workshop will evolve over two half days:

The first half-day will address the Far-Edge paradigm shift. Topics, such as open distributed edge computing architectures, mesh computing topologies, swarm computing and neural computing at chip-level etc. will be addressed. The second half-day will discuss concrete actions, partnerships and instruments that can unleash the potential of the Cloud-Edge paradigm shift for Europe. 

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