• Published on 09 Nov 2017
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Join the ECS Collaboration Tool

ARTEMIS-IA and AENEAS have merged their collaboration support tools into a single co-managed service: the ECS Collaboration Tool. AENEAS and ARTEMIS Industry Association wanted to create one tool to facilitate easy information exchange within the ECS community and allow the collection and management of all relevant data, ideas and project proposals in one place.

New ECS Collaboration Tool

PIT will be replaced by the ECS Collaboration Tool and is open to all in the ECS Community, and 24/7 available. The new tool is released to prepare for joint consortium building at EFECS, but is available to support any related event, regardless of the funding instrument involved. It can also be used as a “stand-alone” project consortium building tool. Users can initiate projects and invite partners, or use the messaging system to look for partners or projects. After forming consortia, project teams can assess the best mechanism for funding support for their project, be it a National, ECSEL-JU, European Commission or EUREKA type funding.

Addressing the complete value chain in ECS

Electronic components and systems (ECS), based on electronic and ICT technologies, have an impact on all industrial sectors and almost all aspects of life. The ECS Value Chain stands for everything “smart”, based on designing and manufacturing semiconductor chips, sensors and actuators. By utilising integrating software and specialised interfaces that bring them to life, it creates the essential building blocks for the Internet of Things and future Systems of Systems.

Together, technologies for nano-electronics, smart systems integration, embedded intelligence and cyber-physical systems all play a dominant role in creating innovative, smart, connected yet secure products, powered by sustainable and efficient energy sources.  These products enable many applications that improve mobility, health and wellbeing and quality of life as well as supporting the creation of a smart competitive industry in our increasingly digital economy.

Features in the tool

Create a project idea

Initiate a project idea in the ECS Collaboration Tool and invite partners, and browse
other project ideas.

Look for a partner

Use the partner search on ECS Collaboration Tool to look for possible partners based
on their expertise, and invite them to join your project idea.

Look for other project ideas

Browse though the ECS Collaboration Tool to find project ideas and send out an online
request to join in a consortium.

Message Board - Get noticed even more

Leave a message on the message board for possible partners or interesting project ideas.


Join an efficient community tool

The ECS Collaboration Tool aims to support collaboration in multiple technologies and stimulates to form creative and innovative projects ideas which can be built by strong consortia 

Visit, create an account and start networking online!