• Published on 05 Jul 2021
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Meet your team! Meet Lightyear

Teaming up with ARTEMIS means teaming up with a powerful network! And every now and then some new players join our team. Let us introduce Lightyear to you: A unique company that focuses on creating change for the planet and people.

“Lightyear is developing long-range solar electric vehicles based on holistic design philosophy. Efficiency and innovation are at the heart of everything we do: our proprietary technology, embedded in the core components including the shape, powertrain, thermal management system, and solar roof, is optimized to that one end. Our hardware innovations are mirrored by our software's efficiency, which translates into a convenient user experience based on our developed software architecture and user interface. 

By launching our first prototype in 2019, we reached a global audience. The paradigm of the feasibility of a solar car is changing towards a sunny prospect of the future of clean mobility for everyone. Our Lightyear One is not only a solar car but a highly efficient solar car responsible for a longer range by using less energy. This makes the Lightyear One less dependent on charging infrastructure. Accordingly, by starting a mass production line in 2024 we hope to provide clean mobility for everyone, everywhere in the world, starting in Europe." 

Teaming up with ARTEMIS

“In the first instance, we want to participate in the ECSEL program. By joining ARTEMIS we can share and work together on research projects tackling future societal challenges.  We believe strongly in open innovation and that we can strengthen the European industry together.  Together we can address strategic priorities in addition to the individual interests of companies and countries.

By joining the ARTEMIS Community Lightyear hopes to exchange technical ideas and large innovation initiatives. We hope to get inspired by the other community members and besides we want to inspire others. Joining ARTEMIS is a big step towards horizontal integration and the open innovation culture of our R&D department. We are open to networking, so please contact us if you see opportunities.

Lightyear is an innovative young company with only A-players involved. The company has an extreme ‘can do’ mentality, resulting in a lot of innovations and innovative approaches. We believe the potential of Lightyear could even be more exploited by working together with comparable companies on a European level. As such, we believe that other parties benefit by working together with ARTEMIS.”