• Published on 09 Jan 2015
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Outlook 2015

2015 promises to become an exciting year as well after the stormy year 2014, in which the ECSEL-JU had to be launched and the first ECSEL calls needed to be organized. The details of the outcome of the ECSEL 2014 calls will be published soon by the ECSEL JU.

Preliminary information reveals us that the coverage of Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems in the selected projects of the calls 2014 is rather poor, certainly in the higher TRL projects (the so-called IA-projects). A preliminary analysis seems to indicate that the total funding for Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems by the 2014 ECSEL call will be some 30% less compared with the average funding in ARTEMIS-JU, whereas the nano-electronics projects are some 20% up compared with the average in the ENIAC-JU.  On Jan. 15 the ECSEL Public Authorities Board will review the call process, in which the three industry associations get a slot to give their analysis and feedback.

During the Brokerage Event on Jan. 21-22 we will share with you some conclusions and some recommendations for the next ECSEL call in which our community should be more successful. Rather than only concentrating on Brokerage for the next ECSEL call, we would like to inform you also about funding possibilities in H2020 and EIT-ICT.

In March we will have the 7th Co-Summit together with ITEA. All previous Co-Summits took place in the fall. On request of ITEA is has now been moved to the spring; it will be in Berlin this time. A strong point of the Co-Summit has always been the extensive project exhibition with guided tours for the Public Authorities. For the 7th Co-Summit we have invited 10-15 projects that are funded by H2020 in the field of Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems.

Due to the focus of the Co-Summit on the exhibition, we have in mind to organize in the fall of this year an Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems conference with a strong focus on technical papers, also covering some adjacent areas that relate strongly to our field of expertise.  A foretaste with some invited papers was organized around the Pre-Brokerage & GA meeting in December and highly appreciated by the participants.

In 2014 we slightly modified our logo to express that ARTEMIS-IA is no longer co-branded with ARTEMIS-JU. In 2015 we will continue to brand ARTEMIS-IA as the association to promote collaborative R&I in Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems, and to support this the Steering Board decided to continue with the ARTEMIS Magazine.

Jan Lohstroh