• Published on 23 Aug 2018
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Platforms4CPS final consultation event: CPS innovations for the future

Increasing European Technology Capability for Cyberspace Acting on the Physical World

On 12 September 2018, Platforms4CPS organises the finale of its CPS community events entitled “Final Consultation – CPS Innovations for the Future”. This is a significant event offering the chance to become more informed and refine our currently derived priority needs to shape the development of CPS in the years to come. The consultation is taking place on 12 September 2018 (10:00 – 17:00), at THALES TRT, Palaiseau near Paris. It is preceded by a dinner cruise on the Seine. To reserve your places for the cruise and consultation, simply email

The Platforms4CPS Consortium will present results, including highlights derived from an analysis of the CPS domain and recommendations to policy makers, CPS community, big and small industries and other stakeholders. In addition, there will be keynote speeches providing perspectives on bridging with other technology classes such as AI and IoT. There will also be examples provided of CPS technology integration and interspersed through the day opportunities to discuss and provide feedback.

Major topics will be highlighted for future research priorities and innovation strategies including:

  • The technological challenges considering the foundations of advances in CPS engineering, CPS architectures and platforms as well as autonomy/AI, cybersecurity and human in the loop.
  • The elaboration of a market and ecosystem analysis.
  • The updates and validation on existing CPS roadmaps.
  • The repository of building blocks.
  • The creation of the ‘Platforum’ for knowledge exchange.
  • The effective exploitation of emerging CPS relevant technologies.

With the aim to build consensus, raise awareness and foster a dialogue with society on societal and legal issues related to the deployment of CPS.

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