• Published on 14 Dec 2017
  • External News

Platforms4CPS Platform

The Platforms4CPS project in July 2017 launched the so called PlatForum which has the goal to create an on-line interactive forum for stimulating debate on CPS related topics.

The PlatForum provides facilities like a wiki, blogs, questionnaires and discussion forums.

Initial activities include material from the workgroup on the Foundations of CPS engineering and blogs on various CPS related topics. So far these blogs have had in the order of 20,000 views.

Next year, further workgroups will be established, with the intention to gather stakeholders interested in topics such as CPS roadmapping and priorities (overviews, differentiation, commonalities, new topics) and a repository of CPS building blocks, while continuing the already started group on CPS foundations.

You are invited to contribute to the content on PlatForum! Welcome to connect by sending an email to and expressing your interests.