• Published on 26 Jun 2018
  • Calls for Projects

Prepare for the upcoming calls

On 20 November 2018 at EFECS 2018 in Lisbon, PENTA Call 4 will be launched, helping to stimulate innovative projects along the entire electronic components and systems (ECS) value chain. In addition to the PENTA Call, the Pre-Brokerage Session at EFECS 2018 facilitates the Call preparations for the Calls of ECSEL-JU, H2020 and Euripides.

We encourage you to present your project idea(s) through a pitch or a poster during the Pre-Brokerage Session and at the exhibition of EFECS 2018. Submit your project ideas now and find your project partners via the ECS Collaboration Tool (ECT). The submission deadline for EFECS 2018 is 1 November 2018.


PENTA Call: ECSEL Call: H2020 Call: EURIPIDES Call:
Opening PENTA Call 4: 20-11-2018 Opening ECSEL Calls: Feb/Mar 2019 Several H2020 Calls open in Summer/Autumn 2018 Opening EURIPIDES Call: Summer 2018
PO submission: 1-3-2019 via PENTA Project Zone PO submission: April 2019   PO submission: 24-09-2018
FPP submission: 28-05-2019 FPP Submission: September 2019 FPP submission: See Calls details FPP submission: 3-12-2018
Funding & labelling: 18-09-2019 Funding decision: Nov/Dec 2019    


For any assistance with your ECS Collaboration Tool account registration or project idea submission, please contact the ECT team.


How to get involved in the ECS Collaboration Tool:

EFECS 2018 will bring together over 500 technological experts in a unique environment to stimulate new project ideas and create collaborative teams. With the opening of PENTA Call 4 and the upcoming ECSEL-JU Calls, it is now time to start building your project consortia.

If you would like to present your project idea through a pitch or a poster, please take the following steps in the ECS Collaboration Tool:

  • Go to ECS Collaboration Tool 
  • Login or create a new account
  • Add a project idea in the tool
  • Select the chapter(s) that apply
  • Select the option(s) to apply for a pitch and/or poster
  • Select a Call
  • Select "EFECS 2018 Pre-Brokerage Day"
  • Use the Pitch & Poster templates


TIP: Upload your Poster & Pitch into the ECS Collaboration Tool to allow other users to view your project idea beforehand.

Submit your idea by 1 November 2018 in the ECS Collaboration Tool