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  • Published on 14 Nov 2012
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Recognition Award Ceremony for the first time

The Wednesday morning, although less sunny on outside, nonetheless continued to be a glittering display of innovation and achievement in the CNIT conference centre as ARTEMIS kicked off the day with presenting the ARTEMIS Recognition Awards. Eric Schutz turned the spotlight once again on the people who were responsible for making ARTEMIS such a success. Recipients were:

  • CAMMI – adaptive cognitive man-machine interfacing and human-centred communication
  • CESAR – Reference Technology Platform to reduce development time and effort by up to 50%
  • CHARTER – concepts, methods and tools for the development, verification and certification of critical embedded systems
  • CHESS – building languages to model and evaluate extra-functional properties as component contracts
  • eDIANA – multi-purpose framework to enable the building sector to optimise energy consumption
  • EMMON – research, testing and development of a functional prototype for large-scale wireless networks
  • iLAND – enabling technologies for modular, component-based middleware
  • INDEXYS – cross-domain instantiation of GENESYS embedded system architecture
  • pSHIELD – pioneering investigation to address security, privacy and dependability in embedded systems context
  • SCALOPES – enabling the evolution of low-power, multi-core computing platforms
  • SMART – creating an innovative low-power wireless video-capable sensor network infrastructure
  • SOFIA  - making information in the physical world available for smart services in embedded and ubiquitous systems
  • SYSMODEL – developing supportive modelling tools to enable SMEs boost performance and reduce time to market.

With the twelve beaming prize winners taking the plaudits on stage, Eric Schutz stressed that these stars were just twelve of the stars in the ARTEMIS heaven, proudly announcing that “Every project is a star”.

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