• Published on 24 Jun 2021
  • External News

Release Whitepaper Lighthouse Industry 4.0

One of the biggest challenges currently facing Europe is the execution of an effective strategy for twin transition (green and digital). Today, the digital landscape remains fractured, with significant challenges in areas such as standardisation, interoperability, and translating research to real commercial impact. The lighthouse group Industry 4.0 believe that these challenges must be met effectively. A strong, resilient, responsive European - where sustainable, human-centric solutions help Europe achieve strategic autonomy into the future.

This whitepaper outlines the future trends in manufacturing, building on an environmental scan of the digital research landscape (supported by the I4.0 CSA). We develop the key flagship concepts which will need to be the focus for policy and advanced ECS research into the future. We also evaluate the critical enabling  technologies underpinning these endeavors and provide a roadmap to execute on same. Success on this paradigm is critical to the digital sovereignty of the European Union and will ultimately require closer connectivity between I4.E related policy, strategies, funding initiatives, projects, end-users, and general stakeholders.


Download the whitepaper here