• Published on 15 Sep 2015
  • External News

Smart Robotics, the employment agency for robots

The recently founded start-up Smart Robotics, joined ARTEMIS as new partner in the R5-COP project. Smart Robotics develops and rents modular robots that can easily be configured for specific tasks. As such, Smart Robotics serves as the flexible employment agency for robots.

Smart Robotics realizes and markets robotic automation solutions that are designed to be flexibly deployable, easy to (re)configure, affordable, and safe to operate. Proven safe robot hardware is combined with advanced motion planning, using (3D) vision feedback and flexible grasping in a modular setup. User-friendly operator interfacing and online service enables operators to use the robots in a flexible manner.

The start-up serves two main markets: manufacturing and intralogistics, both highly experienced with automation but in strong need of flexibility. Flexible solutions provide services to the established markets at larger companies, but more importantly also extend the existing market to SMEs where thousands of more dynamic processes are waiting to be automated.

One of the founders of Smart Robotics, Heico Sandee, has been active in R5-COP and its predecessor R3-COP through the TU Eindhoven and through Alten. “The knowledge built up through these projects has been one of our important enablers to found the company. Furthermore, through the collaboration with the partners in these projects, we have created a strong network between organisations across Europe, through which we are able to make fast progress in the development. Already on several customer cases we are working closely together with partners from the ARTEMIS network.”

The R5-COP project focuses on agile manufacturing paradigms and specifically on modular robotic systems. The main objective of the R5-COP project is to provide the means for a fast and flexible adaption of robots to quickly changing environments and conditions to enable a safe and direct human/robot cooperation and interaction at an industrial scale. As such, the R5-COP fits perfectly to the objectives of Smart Robotics, and therefore warmly welcomes this start-up as a new partner in the consortium.


“The Smart Robotics team”
Credits: Renske Mehra


Founders Mark Menting (l) and Heico Sandee (r)
Credits: Bart van Overbeeke