• Published on 06 Sep 2016
  • About ARTEMIS

Start using the Project Idea Tool

The ARTEMIS Project Idea Tool. What is it and why is it useful for me? That’s what you are probably thinking, so let me explain:

The Project Idea Tool (PIT) was originally used by our members and the community at the ARTEMIS Brokerage events to announce your idea and create a Project Idea Poster. Project idea owners use this poster during the poster session at the ARTEMIS Brokerage event to pitch their idea and to create a solid consortium. In the last couple of years, this tool evolved and many extra functionalities are added. The latest development is that ARTEMIS-IA made this tool not only usable in combination with the Brokerage event, but throughout the year and for every call in the area of Embedded Intelligence.

Shortly: what is the PIT Tool


  • Digital meeting space regarding European Research & Innovation ideas for projects in Embedded Intelligence


  • Make your project idea known
  • View other project ideas, even merge your project idea with another
  • Look for consortia or for project partners
  • Prepare for Brokerage events


  • Log into the ARTEMIS community website
  • Check the existing ideas in the Ideas List
  • Add a new project idea via New Idea
  • Use the Partner Search to expand your consortium
  • Post a call for partners or projects on the Message Board