• Published on 17 Oct 2012
  • External News

Status update about JU2

JU 2

We are in discussion with the Commission about a follow-up structure that should organize its first call in 2014. The Commission already proposed in their Horizon 2020 proposal (that is now investigated and amended in the European Parliament) a merge of ENIAC and ARTEMIS into a single follow-up Joint Undertaking. Our reaction to the Commission has, so far, been that we have no objection against an administrative merge, to save overhead costs, as long as the programmes and funding allocations for an embedded systems programme and a micro-electronics programme are kept separate. 

As a new Joint Undertaking should fit under the umbrella of Horizon 2020, we are now waiting for the final discussions and votings on H2020 in the European Parliament, that will take place in the Nov/Dec timeframe of this year.

During the ARTEMIS-IA General Assembly meeting that will take place Oct. 30 (on the first day of the Co-summit in Paris) will update you with the newest information on this subject.